JULY 11, 2017

President Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Present were Directors Anderson, Coffey, Canterbury, Perkins, Clemmons and Doolan. Property Manager Webster was also present. Mr. Vessell was absent. The pledge of allegiance was recited. Mrs. Canterbury stated that the minutes of the June 13, 2017 meeting have been posted on the bulletin board and published in the Beacon. Mrs. Canterbury moved acceptance of the minutes as posted, Mrs. Clemmons seconded. Mr. Anderson asked if there were any corrections or additions, there being none, motion passed unanimously. There was no correspondence.

Treasurer’s Report: In Mr. Vessell’s absence, Mrs. Webster reported there is $75,244.93 in operating, $28,948.47 paid in advance, leaving a balance of $46,296.46 for July, August and September. We are just starting to collect for the 3rd quarter.

Property Manager’s Report: Mrs. Webster said that Maintenance Tech Tom Kuhns has installed the five (5) foot basketball hoop for the younger children. To help set up the hoop and mount the backboard, Tom was assisted by Pool Attendant Rickey Cheeks and Homeowners Ed Morris and Jim Anderson.   Tom and company did a wonderful job and it looks great.

Mrs. Webster said the Social Committee is working hard on the “End of Summer” Community event in August and we’re hoping for good weather and a good turn out.

Architectural Control & Deed Restrictions:   Mrs. Coffey reported that Lot 004-N has received two (2) violations for having high grass. The next course of action would be a 3rd violation letter. Mrs. Coffey passed around the photos. Mrs. Coffey moved to send a 3rd violation letter to Lot 004-N if the grass is still not mowed by next Monday’s Deed Restriction Meeting, Mr. Perkins seconded. As there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

New Business: Mrs. Clemmons said that she is planning a Fall Craft and Bake sale in October.   Mrs. Clemmons passed out the revised flier that was discussed at the Workshop.   BWE members can rent tables to display and sell their crafts or bake goods for $5.00 a table. Table donations will help offset the cost for additional BWE activities. The event will be open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Mrs. Clemmons would like an article published in the September Beacon newsletter.

Old Business: Mr. Anderson said that at the Workshop the Board discussed a resolution to enclose front patio areas. The resolution has been re-written with the Board’s suggestions. Everyone was given a copy in advance for their review. Mr. Anderson moved to accept the resolution for front patio areas, Mrs. Clemmons seconded. Mr. Anderson asked if there was any discussion. As there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

There were no Organizational Reports or Announcements.

Open Forum:   Homeowner Mr. Romine said that he read in the Beacon newsletter that the Association was looking into limiting the extent of rentals and he was wondering what the conclusion was.

Mr. Anderson explained that in order to limit the rentals we first need to change the method by which the covenants are currently amended. At this time, the covenants require signatures from 51% of all the homeowners in the community.   The proposed rental restrictions were to limit short term rentals and a new owner would have to own the home for two (2) years before they would be allowed to rent it.   The Association is trying to acquire signatures to change the method to a vote by Designated Voters. Mr. Anderson said that the change would require a minimum of 100 Designated Voters in favor.

Mr. Anderson explained that the Association held an open meeting to inform the homeowners of what we were trying to do and only about twenty (20) people attended. We also had volunteers going door-to-door trying to get signatures.

Mrs. Clemmons said it would be easier to make changes to the deed restrictions with Designated Voters than to try and get signatures of every owner. Some homes can have up to five (5) or more owners and not all of them may live in the community. Any proposed change would be sent out to members and the voter for their lot would vote to decide if they were in favor of the change or not. This would eliminate trying to get every homeowner’s signature each time we would like to make a change to the deed restrictions.

Mr. Romine suggested using email or mass mailing.

Mr. Anderson said if we were to do a mass mailing, each sheet with a signature on it costs $10.00 a page to file it with the Pasco County Property Appraisers Office and it could get very costly.   That’s why we’re trying to get as many signatures on one page as possible.   There’s also no guarantee that the signature sheet would be mailed back.

Mrs. Clemmons asked the Homeowners if he had signed the joinder yet. He said no but he would. Mr. Anderson arranged to meet with him the next day.

As there was no further business to discuss, meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m.

Jennie Canterbury, Secretary

Carol Webster, Recording Secretary