SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

President Anderson called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Present were Directors Anderson, Coffey, Canterbury, Murphy, Doolan, Corey and Botte. Property Manager Webster was also present. The pledge of allegiance was recited. Mrs. Canterbury stated that the minutes of the August 13, 2019, Board meeting have been posted on the bulletin board and published in the Beacon. Mrs. Canterbury moved acceptance of the minutes as posted, Mr. Anderson seconded. Mr. Anderson asked if there were any corrections or additions; there being none, motion passed unanimously.   There was no correspondence.

Treasurer’s Report: Mrs. Murphy reported that there is $39,993.75 in operating, $32,896.34 is pre-paid, leaving a balance of $7,097.41 for September. There are 46 delinquents: 5 Deceased, 4 Foreclosure/Bankruptcies, 6 Liens and 31 in various stages of collection.

Mrs. Murphy also reported that the Association has filed a lien on Lot 197 for delinquent assessments in the amount of $1,050.40.

The Association has also filed a lien on Lot 273 for delinquent assessments of $1,595.56.

If the Board decides to foreclose on the liens any legal fees would be added to the delinquent amount.

Mrs. Murphy moved to foreclose on the liens for Lots 197 and 273, Mr. Anderson seconded. As there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

Property Manager’s Report: Mrs. Webster said that she’s working on a Board policy regarding Board members and social media. There was a lot of research involved with it. She has sent a draft proposal over to the Association’s Attorney for his review and she should have a copy for the Board at the October Workshop.

The property in Barrington Woods which is encroaching on BWE property had to remove their personal items by September 8, 2019.   Yesterday, Maintenance Tech Tom Kuhns and Mrs. Webster re-inspected the property. The owner has removed a lot of the furniture; however, it looks like the water and electric are still hooked up. She’s reviewing the Board’s options with the Association’s Attorney, so there will be more discussion on this in October.

Architectural Control & Deed Restrictions: Mrs. Coffey said Lot 404 was sent a 3rd violation letter for having on RV on the property. The next step is pre-suit mediation. Mrs. Coffey passed around the photos. Mrs. Coffey moved to pursue pre-suit mediation on Lot 404, Mrs. Murphy seconded. As there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

Lot 926 has received a 3rd violation letter for hedges exceeding five (5) feet in height. Mrs. Coffey passed around the photos. Mrs. Coffey moved to go forward with pre-suit mediation on Lot 926, Mrs. Murphy seconded. As there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. Coffey also reported that 3rd letters were sent to the following: Lot 022N for hedges exceeding five (5) feet in height; Lot 948 for a grill stored on the side of the house; Lot 128N for a dryer being stored on the side of the house, and Lot 459 for a trash can visible from the street.

New Business: Mr. Anderson said that we have a lawsuit on Lot 668 for a commercial vehicle. The Board members have been given copies of a suggested settlement and the Board needs to approve the language the Attorney is proposing.

Mr. Anderson moved to accept the proposed language, Mrs. Murphy seconded. As there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Anderson moved to authorize himself as President to be the authorized person to approve any minor revisions if needed, Mrs. Murphy seconded. As there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

Announcements: Mrs. Murphy wanted to remind everyone that Pot Luck is this Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. There’s always a good time and she hopes everyone can make it.

Open Forum: A homeowner mentioned that she’s noticed that people are putting furniture, sofas and mattresses out on their driveways.   The furniture is there for days and days and it doesn’t look good for our community. She’s hoping the Association will look into this problem because it shouldn’t be out there for over a week.

Mrs. Murphy said that when you call the trash company and make arrangements to have old furniture picked up, a lot of times it takes 1-2 weeks before they get to it.

The same Homeowner also wanted to know if anything could be done about fences. She would prefer that fences not be installed all the way to the front house line and she doesn’t like solid fences. She would like to have only specific types of fences installed and regulations on where they can be put up. She’s also noticed that a lot of owners are storing their trash cans in front of the garage doors or leaving them out on Sunday night for a Wednesday trash pick up. Her last request is for the Board to look into long term budgeting to heat the swimming pool. She feels it would enhance our community and get more use.

Mrs, Coffey said that after the Holidays, the Board will be re-visiting the issue of trying again to obtain enough signatures to change the way the community members vote to amend the deed restrictions.

A Homeowner asked what the proposal was about fences.

Mrs. Murphy explained that there isn’t a proposal for fences. At this time, to make any changes to the deed restrictions we need the signatures of 51% of all owners that are on the deed. Since that would be a difficult task each time you want to amend something, the Board is trying to obtain signatures to change the way the community votes. They would like to change it to give the voting rights to the Designated Voters for each lot.

Mrs. Webster said once we’re able to change the voting to Designated Voters and the Board decides what deed restriction should be amended, Designated Voters would be sent a ballot to vote yes or no on the changed amendment. You as the Designated Voter for your lot would determine the outcome by your vote, not the Board. It’s difficult to discuss what we would change until we accomplish this first.   It would be a lot easier to have a Designated Voter for each lot because there’s only 887 lots, which is easier to work with than trying to get over 1,600 signatures.   Mrs. Webster thinks part of the confusion last time was that when the Board said “we” want to make changes on how we vote, they meant “we” as the entire community, not “we” the Board. The Board would make suggestions on what should be on the ballot, but the community members are the ones who would cast the votes. Like Mrs. Coffey said, we’re looking into this again in January after the Holidays, and we want to do it while the snowbirds are here.

There was some additional discussion about problems the Board encountered last time and how they would like to proceed in January.

As there was no further business to discuss, meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Jennie Canterbury, Secretary

Carol Webster, Recording Secretary