March 10, 2020

President Corey called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Present were Directors Corey, Botte, Coffey, Canterbury, Doolan and Harty. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Mr. Harty stated the minutes of the Feb. 11, 2020 meeting had been published in the Beacon and posted on the bulletin board and moved acceptance of the minutes. Mrs. Corey seconded and minutes were accepted unanimously.

Mr. Harty read a letter to the Board from Mrs. Frederickson addressing future board meetings and prohibition of telecommunications at board meetings.*

Mrs. Corey then read a statement referencing difficulties faced by her and the current board and failures of the past property manager and board members in regard to maintenance and financial matters.*

Treasurer’s Report:  Mrs. Doolan reported that there is $77,494.51 in operating; $70,640.99 is pre-paid, leaving a balance of $6,853.52

There are 67 delinquents, 4 deceased, 5 foreclosures/bankruptcies, 2 liens and 56 in various stages of collection.

Community Association Manager’s Report:  Not available

Architectural Control & Deed Restrictions:  Mrs. Coffey has resigned from the Committee and Mrs. Doolan is now the chairperson. She reported that Lot 8N received a 3rd violation letter for high hedges and grass.  .

New Business:

The Beacon Woods East Home Owners Association (BWE HOA) is appealing the unemployment benefits for Carol (former property manager). The previous board president submitted documentation for unemployment benefits on her behalf without board knowledge. Additional support letters were written by the former president and a former board member. The information submitted was not correct and the board will appeal.

Motion to remove the ‘Dusk to Dawn’ signs in the parking lot was made and discussed. Per advice of our attorney – since there are activities at night, the signs create a conflict. After discussion, the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

The will be a cookout on May 16th at 2 pm at the club house. Hot dogs, chips and drinks will be served.

Bids were obtained to remove dead trees close to the tennis and basketball courts. Recently a tree fell on the basketball fence and damaged the gate area. A motion to accept the bid from Ferris Landscaping was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

Bids to repair the fence around the basketball court were obtained. In addition to the tree damaged, vandals tried to remove a portion of the fencing. Top support rail and clips need repair. Superior Fencing bid $1700; Extreme Fence bid $1850; and Steven Robinson Fencing submitted a bid of $1317. A motion was made to accept the bid from Steven Robinson Fencing and have the work done after the trees are removed. Motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Cost to replace wire ties with metal clamps is unknown at this time, but should be nominal.

Bids were obtained to repair outside lights. Coastline Electric bid $670 to replace the lights and a cost of $65/hr. The estimate is approximately 6-7 hrs of work. Kinetic Electric bid $5684 and Electric Quest bid $22,260. After discussion, motion was made to use Coastline Electric. Motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

VOLUNTEERS ARE STILL NEEDED TO DELIVER THE BEACON.  Several board members are now delivering the Beacon, but more volunteers are needed. This is a good way to meet your neighbors and does not take a lot of time. Contact the office if interested (727 863-5447).

A chair person is needed for both crime prevention and social programs. Everything has already been planned for the current year, but additional people are needed for planning and organization. If interested, please contact the office (727 863-5447).

Crime Prevention information will be added to the HOA welcome packet. Marie Harty and Kathy Wandrasko have volunteered to be on the committee.

Christine has completed the CAM (Community Association Manager) course and is awaiting notification of the exam.

Movie Matinees for children will begin on Saturday April 18th at 1pm – popcorn and juice will be provided.

Resolution to remove monthly meetings for July and Aug has been tabled.

Information for the cost of heating the pool is going to be obtained. This is not a promise to heat the pool but only a cost finding exercise to determine the feasibility. Motion to obtain cost information to heat the pool was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

Six homes are going into pre-lien. Mrs. Corey made a motion to continue the pre-lien process. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Additional items are planned for the social calendar-corn hole competition, shuffle board, cards and dances.

Fountain on side of building was repaired for a cost of $80.

Depreciation list is being undated. Work has begun for next year’s budget.

The county removed three dead palm trees at the entrance from Fivay Rd at no cost to BWE HOA thanks to Mr. Harty contacting Pasco County.

An attempt was made to also get the county to clean up the walkway area along Fivay Rd. The county stated the area was designated a linear park and given to Beacon Woods East.  This information was never provided to the HOA. Since Mrs. Corey could not get a positive response from the county, she wrote to Jack Mariano, our county commissioner, who responded immediately and stated the work will be done. He also stated that as of Sept 2020 repairs will be done to the sidewalk along Fivay Rd.

Old Business:  Smaller air conditioner on the side of the building had a rusted grate and HOA was told by our AC service company that it needed replacement at a cost of $12000-$14000. The life expectancy of a commercial AC is 25-30 years and ours is only 14 years old. Mrs. Corey had only the grate replaced for $650 and the AC is working fine.

The key card system is almost complete. Per insurance requirement – the gate must be self closing and locking; and we are awaiting the part to do this. It should be completed by Wed. Mar 11th.

Once operational, the system will be put into effect with the pool attendants monitoring it for a two month period to make sure it is working properly

A CD has matured. We were hoping for a rate of 1.5%, but the rate dropped the day prior to renewal, so it was renewed at 1%. However, this is still better than the previous rate of .05%.

The Trespass Agreement with the Sheriff’s Department which had not been submitted in Dec 2019 as we had been told by the previous property manager was submitted by Mrs. Corey after the Sheriff’s Department notified her of our omission and lack of required ‘No Trespassing signs. Rather than pay approx. $27/sign, Mrs. Corey searched and was able to find metal No Trespassing signs at a cost of $1.24 each. Twenty were purchased and an additional Forty were ordered. They have been installed.

Mrs. Coffey was asked about the community decorations which were loaned to someone outside the community. Mrs. Coffey stated the items are to be returned by Wed. March 11th.

Organization Reports: None

Announcements: The next Crime Prevention Program will be held March 23rd – topic is Code Enforcement. The starting time is 7pm.

To entice homeowners to come to the next crime prevention presentation there will be a raffle for attendees. Attendees will be given a ticket upon entry for the chance to win a prize.

Future program dates:

April 27th – Animal Control

May – none (Memorial Day weekend)

June – Hurricane Preparedness

There was a town hall meeting after the Board Meeting.

Movie under the stars is March 21st at 8pm. The movie is ‘A Dog’s Purpose’. The equipment to view the movie is being donated by Mike DelGrande of Ridgestone Realty. Mrs. Harty is donating the popcorn. Drinks will be provided by members of the Board of Directors. Please bring your own chair. If raining, event will be held inside. Come and enjoy!

Pot Luck is March 26th from 6:30 – 8 pm

Open Forum: Homeowner wanted to know the status of a vacant lot in her area and the possibility of the owners donating it to Habitat for Humanity. Mrs. Coffey stated the owners are in Texas and have had to be contacted in the past to maintain the property which will have to be done again. Mrs. Corey stated they will be contacted.

Homeowner asked about replacing trees that are cut down. Homeowner was fold this is a county requirement, and since the HOA has more than the number of trees required per acre, it does not apply.

A homeowner asked about vehicles parked on grass and another about trash cans remaining on the street.  A violation letter was sent to the specific homeowner about the car. There are various sanitation companies with different pick-up dates in out community.  Friendly tips will be in the Beacon about being a good neighbor and addressing these issues.

Homeowner asked about progress on electronic information. Person working on the issue provided update.

Homeowner addressed possible late night activity with removal of ‘dusk to dawn’ signs. He was told that Pasco County has a regulation for ‘quite time’ after 10pm.

As there was no further business to discuss, meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m.


Jennie Canterbury, Vice-President (Temporary Recording Secretary)

Harry Harty, Secretary

* Due to the length of the statements, they will be available at the BWE HOA office for anyone who would like to read them in their entirety.