JANUARY 14, 2020

President Coffey called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  Present were Directors Botte, Coffey, Canterbury, Corey and Doolan. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Mrs. Coffey announced that the position of property manager is now vacant as the Board did not renew Mrs. Webster’s contract.  Mrs. Webster did not resign.  (Mrs. Webster was offered continued employment. but did not accept the offer presented by the board.)

Mrs. Harty requested she be allowed to read a statement* concerning the president’s past conduct, which she did.

Mrs. Canterbury stated the minutes of the Dec 10, 2019 meeting had been published in the Beacon and posted on the bulletin board and moved acceptance of the minutes. Mrs. Corey seconded and minutes were accepted.

Mrs. Canterbury read a notification* from the Board of Directors to Mrs. Coffey proposing Mrs. Coffey’s removal from the Board of Directors and made a motion to proceed with the removal. Mrs. Corey seconded and  the motion passed.  Mrs. Coffey left the meeting. Mrs. Botte left at this time also.

Mrs. Corey, Vice-President, is now the President and resumed the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mrs. Doolan reported that there is $47,603.79 in operating, $41,731.03 is pre-paid, leaving a balance of $5872.76.  Payments continue to come in for the 1st quarter on a daily basis…

There are 34 delinquents, 4 deceased, 5 foreclosures/bankruptcies, 2 liens and 23 in various stages of collection.

Community Association Manager’s Report:  Not available

Architectural Control & Deed Restrictions:  Mrs. Corey reported that Lot 449 received a 3rd violation letter.  .

New Business:  A new phone line to replace a non working line which supports the FAX and the security system will be installed Thursday.

The Property Manager position will be recruited as a part-time position. It was noted that the position title should be changed to Community Association Manager (CAM).

Motion to change the time of the Work Shop and Board Meeting to 7pm was made and approved. This will begin with the Feb 4th Work Shop meeting.

Motion to change locks, security codes and banking passwords was made and approved.

Motion to install a Key card system for the pool was made and approved. The cost will be less than 1% of the annual budget as per our By-Laws.

Annual event calendar was passed to audience for review.  Mrs. Corey proposed a quarterly town hall meeting to obtain more community input. Motion to establish annual event calendar for the current year was made and approved.

Motion to accept a new Crime Watch program was made and approved. The program will begin with a presentation by the Sheriff’s office on January 27th at 7PM.  Light refreshments will be served at the presentation.

Motion to change from a paid email service to a free service was made and approved.

Motion to post trespassing signs in the retention area behind Barrington Woods was made and approved. (Signs are required prior to Sheriff coming onto property to remove vagrants.) Homeowner stated that requirements for signs be obtained from Sheriff Office prior to posting.

Old Business:  Homeowner asked about status of property infringement in retention area. (This is ongoing litigation and has to be reviewed.)

Homeowner stated he witnessed community decorations being loaned by Mrs. Coffey to someone outside the community. Mrs. Corey will research the issue.

Mrs. Binder stated she can no longer host the Pot Lucks due to personal reasons. (The Board sends sincere condolences on the loss of her husband.) However, the next Pot Luck scheduled for Mar 26th will be hosted by the Tacklesons.

Open Forum:  Homeowner asked if any monies had been removed from accounts by unauthorized persons. Mrs. Corey said she would look into it, but to her knowledge no such action had occurred.

Homeowner asked about repair of lights at the tennis courts and possible key card for entry. Mrs. Corey stated the light issue will be fixed in the near future along with the possibility of additional lights for the parking lot. There is currently a code box for entry to the tennis court, but key cards are a possibility for the future.

A variety of subjects were discussed including pool entry, monies saved by eliminating pool attendants, and solar heating of pool. Homeowner asked who was responsible for non working street lights and was informed of procedures to submit a WREC.  Overnight street parking was discussed along with non compliance of county restrictions.

As there was no further business to discuss, meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.

Jennie Canterbury, Secretary

* Due to the length of the statement and notification, they will be available at the BWE HOA office for anyone who would like to read them.