Before you make any changes or additions to the exterior of your home or lot, you must come to the Association Office and complete an Architectural Request form describing your requested changes.  Bring in any plans, sketches, color charts, pictures, etc., which will help identify what you are planning.  The request will be reviewed by our Architectural Committee, and if necessary, the Board of Directors for their determination and/or approval.  The Committee meets once a week.

ARCHITECTURAL  (These may not cover all categories.)

  • Exterior Painting – an approved color chart is available in the Association Office.  If you are painting your house in the existing color you will need to submit a photograph of your house before you repaint.
  • Roofs – Any major roofing work needs a request.  Color changes must be approved. Recommended color samples are available in the Association Office.
  • Fencing – Solid board and privacy fences are not allowed.  All fences facing a street or road must be concealed by hedges.  Fence height cannot exceed 4 feet.
  • Additions – Pools, patios, room additions, screened areas, driveways and/or extensions, sidewalks and walkways, garages or other structures.
  • Landscaping – Major landscaping projects that include re-sodding, re-seeding, tree removal or planting, bushes/hedges removal or planting and mulch or stone installation.
  • Other – Satellite dishes, basketball hoops, playground equipment, flagpoles, butane tanks, dog runs, pods and dumpsters require Architectural approval.


Following are the most common types of deed restriction violations.

  • Parking on the “unpaved” areas of the lot is not allowed. Our covenants disallow overnight parking on the roadway.
  • Parking of commercial vehicles is not allowed except those in the process of performing a service.  Commercial vehicles are considered to be those privately owned with a business name or message on it.  They may only be parked inside a covered garage.
  • Parking of boats, trailers, motor homes, campers, trucks and inoperable vehicles is  not allowed.
  • Garbage cans may not be visible from the front of any lot and may not be put out for collection earlier than 12 hours of expected pickup.
  • Grass height should not exceed eight (8) inches.  Bare spots should not exceed 10% of any yard.
  • Garage sales are allowed only once a year and requires Association approval.
  • Signs are not permitted on the property except for one (1) For Sale, For Rent, or Garage sale sign.
  • Hedge/bush height shall not exceed five (5) feet in height on any part of the property.
  • No unattached exterior buildings are permitted.

If you notice a violation, come to the Association Office and complete a violation form.  Your name will remain confidential during any investigative procedure.  The Deed Restriction Committee will review the alleged violation and take the necessary action.


  • Guest passes can be purchased in the Association Office, from the Pool Attendant or Event Coordinator.  Fees for overnight guests are $1.00 per week for adults and $.50 for children ages 12 and younger.  Passes for day guests are $1.00 per day and $.50 for children ages 12 and younger.
  • Tenants are only permitted to use the facilities if the Homeowner has signed a “Relinquishment of Rights” form and it is on file at the Association office.  The form is available in the office, but the Homeowners’ Association does not perform this service for you.