Pool may be closed during inclement weather.




No lifeguard is on duty


  • Members must present BWEHA photo ID cards and guest cards can be purchased for guests.
  • Everyone must sign the register log (on separate line) at pool attendant counter.
  • Children can be signed in by their parents but listing each name individually.
  • Children ages 12 years and younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult 18 years or older while in the swimming pool area.
  • No food, alcoholic beverages or glass containers allowed.  No animals allowed in the pool area.
  • No more than 39 people may be in the pool at one time.
  • No more than a total of 60 people may be inside the pool enclosure (pool and deck) at one time.
  • No diving, jumping, flipping or falling backwards into pool. Bathing suits required – no thread-shedding materials, such as cut-off jeans.
  • Children age 2 and younger “Little Swimmers” or protective panties which are tightly fitted at the legs and waist with elastic.  Disposable diapers not allowed.
  • IPODS, MP3 players etc. WITH HEADPHONES will be permitted.
  • No pushing, shoving, running or horseplay in pool or on deck area.
  • If hair is longer than 6 inches, bind it up. Equipment (i.e., shuffleboard and table tennis) must be issued and returned to staff.
  • No large floats or rafts permitted.
  • Persons using abusive language, threats, intimidation, creating a nuisance and/or showing discourteous conduct to members and their guests and to staff, and /or a disregard for the proper use and care of BWEHA property and equipment will be asked to leave the area.  Members and guests may be restricted or barred from the pool area as deemed necessary and appropriate.